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'Grief made worse' by NHS failure
Amanda Furlong and Simon Boalch
The couple were told the failure was caused by a processing error
A Kent couple whose baby girl was stillborn say their grief was made worse because a hospital failed to carry out a post-mortem examination.

Amanda Furlong and Simon Boalch asked the Medway Maritime Hospital to carry out the procedure after Gracie Ellie died five weeks before she was due.

When the Chatham couple asked for the results following her funeral they were told it had not taken place.

The hospital has apologised and said an investigation was under way.

Ms Furlong said her grief had been made worse by the hospital's failure to tell her why her daughter had died.

'Last hope'

She said they were told by the hospital that its failure had been caused by a processing error and "no-one was to blame."

"They only looked for the post-mortem papers when Simon rang the mortuary and they found there was something wrong," Ms Furlong said.

"I just don't know [why she died] and that's what they've taken away from us - the last bit of hope of we had of finding out why."

In a statement, the NHS Trust said: "[Medway] accepts and recognises a failure in the normal care pathway which has understandably caused considerable grief for this family and we offer our sincere apologies for this.

"An internal investigation is under way and we will offer the family the opportunity to discuss the findings of the investigation with us and the actions to be taken to ensure these mistakes do not happen again."

The parents talking about their grief


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