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Boy street racers 'copying film'
Boy racer
Police say they want to stop the problem before somebody dies
Police targeting boy racers in Medway say they are concerned that a Hollywood film has glamorised street racing.

Pc Chris Oliver-Jones has been cracking down on drivers speeding in Laker Road, Rochester. He said clips of Medway's boy racers had been posted on the web.

He said he was concerned they were copying the street racing film, The Fast and the Furious.

But he said the movie was filmed in safe conditions, while the street was "not a controlled environment at all".

In the racing drama movie, an undercover police officer infiltrates Los Angeles street racers in a bid to target a hijacking ring, but finds his street racing friends become prime suspects.

My concern is that someone is going to be seriously injured or in fact is going to die, and I want to stop all of this
Pc Chris Oliver-Jones

Pc Oliver-Jones said: "The Fast and the Furious is obviously a film. It's carried out by professional drivers.

"Obviously it's all on film, and they have site advisors that advise about safety.

"When you bring that out on to the street here, it's not a controlled environment at all.

"All the other factors that may come in such as people walking down the road, or delivery lorries, or even members of the public driving down the road, can come into play at any time.

"With the speeds they're going at, it's going to be extremely difficult for them to stop."

His safety concerns include the condition of the road, the speeds at which cars are driven, and the conditions of the vehicles.

"My concern is that someone is going to be seriously injured or in fact is going to die, and I want to stop all of this and get the message across before we get to that point," he said.

Concern as streets of Medway are used for racing

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