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Daughters appeal to find killer
Sarah Bishop and Amanda Reynolds
Sarah Bishop and Amanda Reynolds said the killer must be found
The daughters of an elderly man who died four months after he was attacked with a hammer in his home in Kent have appealed for help to find the killer.

Albert Bishop's death is being treated as murder because he never recovered from the attack in Ashford on 18 March.

"Whoever has done this is a very dangerous person and needs to be stopped before something else terrible happens," said Sarah Bishop.

"To lose somebody you love in such an awful way is very difficult."

Mr Bishop, 74, died on 13 July, two weeks after falling and breaking his hip.

He had returned home to Hythe Road after the attack in the hallway, when he was left with head injuries.

Albert Bishop
Albert Bishop recovered enough to leave hospital and return home

The attacker stole a large quantity of cash and left carrying a blue holdall.

"The only motive we can find is money because Albert didn't have any enemies that we can find," said Det Insp Lee Whitehead.

"This was a sustained attack and the offender took the hammer with him from the address so we are keen to find that."

Mr Bishop's other daughter, Amanda Reynolds, said she was now frightened to open her front door.

"You think it is not going to change your life, but it does," she said.

A Home Office pathologist said he had never recovered from the attack.

Police want to talk to anybody who bought cigarettes from Mr Bishop at Ashford Market on the morning of the attack or in local pubs.

They also want to hear from anyone leaving the church opposite at the time of the attack, on Mother's Day or at the bus stop outside.

Daughters of murder victim plead for help to find the killer


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