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Child porn 'on Langham's laptop'
Chris Langham arriving at court on 23 July
Chris Langham denies all the charges against him
A computer taken from the home of comedy actor Chris Langham contained graphic child porn material, a court has heard.

Christopher Crute, a forensic computer analyst for Kent Police, said some of the files on the laptop referred to "pre-teen hardcore" content.

He was giving evidence at Maidstone Crown Court in the trial of Mr Langham, who lives at Golford, near Cranbrook.

The actor claims the pornography was downloaded as research for a TV show.

The 58-year-old denies 15 counts of making an indecent photograph of a child between September and November 2005.

Police recovered the Apple laptop from Mr Langham's home along with a desktop PC and an external disk drive.

Addressing jurors on Monday, Judge Philip Statman warned them: "It is vital that when you look at that which you are about to see, which you will find graphic, you take a cool, calm and dispassionate view of this evidence."

Explicit website

Mr Crute then told them that file names on the laptop made reference to children as young as seven, while some included the words Lolita, incest and rape.

He also explained that the acronym PTHC on some of the files meant "pre-teen hardcore".

The police expert said he found log-in details on Mr Langham's computer for an explicit website, with a subscription cost of 29.95.

Paul Whitehouse in The Fast Show
Paul Whitehouse is now due to give evidence on Tuesday

The username "belaza" and password "zangler" referred to the character Bela Zangler played by Mr Langham in a musical in the 1990s, prosecutor Richard Barraclough QC said.

Defence counsel, David Whitehouse QC, said his client downloaded the pornographic material from the internet as research for the BBC television series Help.

One episode written by Mr Langham involved his psychiatrist character seeing a paedophile.

Mr Crute said he found scripts for the programme among the actor's computer folders.

Co-star Paul Whitehouse was due to enter the witness box for the prosecution on Monday, but he had to be asked to return on Tuesday.

Judge Statman said to him: "Would it be possible sir for you to return tomorrow morning, as you can see it is now very late and you must be aware it is very important."

Mr Whitehouse replied: "Well, if I have to, yeah."

Mr Langham is also on trial for indecent assault and two counts of a serious sexual offence on a girl aged under 18, all of which he denies.

Expert computer evidence has been heard at the trial


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