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Custard pie contest in 40th year
Charlie Chaplin
The custard pie event was inspired by a Charlie Chaplin film
Custard pie throwing championships have been held in Maidstone, Kent, for the 40th year running.

Councillor Mike Fitzgerald began the event in 1967 to help raise funds to build a village hall in Coxheath.

Cllr Fitzgerald, now the borough mayor, said the idea was taken up with "great robustness" and people were "delighted to come out and do battle".

The idea came from a Charlie Chaplin comedy, Behind The Screen. Money raised from the annual event goes to charity.

'A great cultural event'

Mr Fitzgerald said: "You have five pies each in the heat and 10 pies in the final and you score points.

"It's five points for a direct hit squarely in the face, so the pie drips off very slowly, three points for shoulder-height upwards, and one point for any other part of the body."

He said the judges were "well-versed in the arts and traditions of custard pie throwing" and their decision in what was a "great cultural event" would be final.

Contestants competed for the trophy in teams of four.

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