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Father seeks to clear son's name
Patrick Malluzzo
Patrick Malluzzo went backpacking in India in October 2003
The father of a Kent man sentenced to 10 years in an Indian jail for drugs smuggling has said he is the victim of a blatant miscarriage of justice.

Patrick Malluzzo, 30, from Dartford, was found guilty last year of smuggling 42lbs (19kg) of cannabis, but has always maintained his innocence.

His family have said they may have to sell their home to pay for an appeal.

The Foreign Office said it did not speculate on innocence or guilt on a criminal matter in another country.

Mr Malluzzo is being held in a Rajasthan jail, where he shares a cell with six others.

Welfare visit

He claims he has been brutally tortured by the Indian police.

His father, Salvatore Malluzzo, 61, who has visited him in jail, said the conditions he was being held in were very poor.

"I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy," he said.

He was jailed after police discovered 35 packs of hashish in bags left on a train.

Among them was a holdall belonging to Mr Malluzzo, even though he was not on board - he had asked a friend to look after it while he went off backpacking.

Salvatore Malluzzo
Salvatore Malluzzo fears he may have to sell his home

His family have since spent tens of thousands of pounds trying to launch an appeal.

"We can't borrow more money. Our only hope now is to sell this place [our home]... to try and get Patrick free," his father said.

A statement from the Foreign Office said consular staff had last made a welfare visit to Mr Malluzzo nine months ago.

Mr Malluzzo senior is now hoping that publicity for his son might encourage the government to push for his case to go to an appeal.

A family fights to overturn their son's sentence in India


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