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Hospital inquiry into man's death
Jill Johnson
Jill Johnson complained to the hospital about her husband's care
An inquiry is under way into the death of a man whose family claim his heart problem was not properly diagnosed.

Bernard Johnson, from Gillingham, Kent, died less than 12 hours after going into the Medway Maritime Hospital with chest pains.

His wife, Jill, claims that tests were not properly analysed and that Mr Johnson, who had a cardiac arrest, did not have the right care.

Medway NHS Trust said it had received a complaint and an inquiry was under way.

The health trust said it was sorry to hear about the family's concerns.

A statement said: "We are currently conducting a full and thorough investigation into this matter."

'Judgement errors'

Mrs Johnson said she took her husband to the hospital and went home to get him some pyjamas, but had a telephone call from the hospital while she was gone.

She said: "They took me into a side room and said they were very sorry but he was not going to make it.

"I just couldn't believe it - he walked into the hospital with me and he wasn't doubled up in agony.

"You feel very angry and rather bitter for the man who had so much going for him in life and seemed so fit.

"All because of errors of judgement at the hospital it's all come to a halt."

Mrs Johnson says her husband did not have the right care

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