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Last Updated: Monday, 9 April 2007, 10:51 GMT 11:51 UK
Blind man fails in ski record bid
Kevin Alderton (right) and his coach Norman Clark
Kevin Alderton (right) communicates with his coach via a radio link
A British skier has narrowly failed to break the world record he set for blind downhill speed skiing a year ago.

Kevin Alderton, 35, from Dartford in Kent, was aiming to top the 100.94mph (162.45km/h) he achieved at Les Arcs in the French Alps on 14 April last year.

But skiing on the same Flying Kilometre run on Sunday, he only managed to get up to 99.89mph (160.76km/h).

Mr Alderton, who has 4% vision after an assault in 1998, vowed he would carry on trying to beat the record.

Former soldier

"I'm really confident that by the end of the week we're going to have a new world record," he said.

"I'm back out there trying to beat myself."

Mr Alderton, nicknamed The Cannonball, also set the world speed record for blind indoor skiing in November.

He skis down the hill with the aid of a coach who gives him directions via a radio link.

Mr Alderton suffered loss of sight when he was punched and kicked and had his eyes gouged by a group of about 30 men during an attack in Islington, north London.

The ex-soldier had previously been a keen skier while serving in the Army with the Grenadier Guards and the Honourable Artillery Company.


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