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Last Updated: Monday, 12 March 2007, 11:58 GMT
Robotic baby helps trainee nurses
Sim Baby
The computer-controlled baby is used to practise medical procedures
A robotic baby that breathes, burps and can be X-rayed is being used for the first time by student nurses in Kent.

The computer-controlled mannequin, "Sim Baby", is being operated by trainee nurses at the Chatham campus of Canterbury Christ Church University.

The 25,000 baby follows in the steps of the life-size "Sim Man", which has been at the campus for two years.

Student midwives, nurses and operating department practitioners using it can get feedback from computer readings.

'Safe environment'

Katie Hui, a student nurse, said: "It's not in a real time situation, so it does give you the opportunity to have more time to think about what you're doing."

Both mannequins can be programmed to simulate a range of medical conditions, many of which require the students to take immediate action to resolve.

Their performance and actions are then monitored and video-taped for debriefing.

Lecturer Kathryn Summers said the mannequins encouraged students to "practise clinical skills in a very safe, very controlled environment".


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