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Last Updated: Monday, 5 February 2007, 21:21 GMT
Speeding drivers shown on YouTube
Dartford River Crossing
The videos showed drivers speeding across the bridge at 130mph
Home videos showing drivers racing through the Dartford Tunnel and over the adjoining bridge at speeds of up to 130mph have been put on the internet.

The footage downloaded onto YouTube shows a number of different sports cars breaking the law at night-time.

The Labour MP for Dartford, Dr Howard Stoate, branded the reckless motorists as idiots and warned they could kill.

He wants speed cameras installed at the crossing between Kent and Essex, where the speed limit is set at 50mph.

"I am pressing for the introduction of automatic number plate recognition cameras at the Dartford Tunnel so that police can monitor the number plates of cars involved in this sort of activity and can prosecute accordingly," he said.

"I think if a few people who engage in this lose their licence that might just show them how important and how serious this is."

Kent Police said it was studying the footage to see if any of the drivers could be prosecuted.


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