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Last Updated: Monday, 5 February 2007, 18:48 GMT
Double hip operation for teenager
Rosie Croft
Rosie Croft, 14, has suffered from arthritis for the last five years
A 14-year-old arthritis sufferer has said she has got her life back following a double hip operation.

Rosie Croft, from Whitstable in Kent, was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of nine, leaving her with excruciating pain for the next five years.

"If somebody touched me I would scream," she said of the condition that many think only affects the elderly.

In the eight-hour operation, just before Christmas, both Rosie's hips were replaced with metal pins.

'Normal teenager'

It is estimated that 12,000 children suffer from arthritis in the UK.

The teenager said the difference to her life since the operation had been unbelievable.

Her father, John, said on a bad day Rosie would be aching all over.

"We would try to put her in the bath to ease the pain, but she would still be screaming.

"Now, she's just a normal teenager," he said.

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