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Road sign art 'confusing drivers'
Sculpture site
One sculpture had to be moved because of "confusion"
Defunct signs from Ashford's old ring road that became art for the town's new two-way system are confusing drivers, Kent County Council (KCC) has said.

The council said two sculptures had to be moved, but project curator Michael Pinsky said the siting had been agreed with road engineers.

He said the art was "not a hazard" and was in "the best place".

KCC said it valued the artwork but two of the works should be moved to avoid possible confusion for motorists.

The art scheme was called the Lost O to allude to the removal of the ring road.

'Councillor pressure'

One of the roadside artworks is a puffin crossing, which has been placed too high for anyone to reach.

Speaking at the site of one of the two works, Mr Pinsky said road engineers had "suggested" where it went, and their decision "followed all the health and safety guidelines".

But he said the sculpture still had to be moved from what was "the best place", because of "councillor pressure".

A puffin crossing was placed out of reach by one artist

A KCC spokesman said the authority "recognises the value of art work inspired by the major changes being made to the traffic system which are helping to regenerate the town".

But he said: "After reviewing the siting of two of the Lost O art works, the council has decided they should be moved to other nearby locations to avoid possible confusion for drivers."

Mr Pinsky selected 11 artists who made site-specific installations for the project, which was backed the Arts Council and the South East England Development Agency, KCC said.

The project, hailed by Ashford council as "a dynamic" public art programme, was set up in time for the Tour de France to pass through the town.

Road signs were turned into art in The Lost O project


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