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'Heist insider security-obsessed'
Sketch of the eight Securitas robbery defendants
One woman and seven men are on trial over the 53m heist
A depot worker on trial over Britain's biggest cash robbery took an "unseemly interest" in security at the bunker-like building, a jury has heard.

Ermir Hysenaj is alleged to have been the gang's "inside man", making a video of the depot at Tonbridge, Kent, using a camera the size of a 50p piece.

Mr Hysenaj, who counted cash at the site, was said to have quizzed fellow workers about CCTV cameras and alarms.

He is one of eight people who deny charges in connection with the robbery.

Mr Hysenaj, 27, of Crowborough, East Sussex, also asked colleagues about how the money was stored, the thickness of the walls and access to loading bays, the Old Bailey was told.

The jury has heard the robbery gang was said to have used theatrical masks to carry out the hold-up and kidnap depot manager Colin Dixon and his wife.

Panic alarms

Sir John Nutting QC, prosecuting, told the jury on Friday that when arrested Mr Hysenaj was asked by police about the claim of a colleague that he had taken "an unseemly interest in the security of the depot".

He allegedly asked about "the amount of money which could be stored in the individual cages, how thick were the walls, how the loading bay doors opened, how many CCTV cameras there were, whether there were panic alarms", Sir John said.

"Hysenaj said the allegations were rubbish because he had been told all such information as part of his training when he joined Securitas."

Jurors were told Mr Hysenaj, an Albanian, started working at the depot two months before the robbery and left shortly afterwards.

Securitas depot
The 53m Securitas raid was the UK's largest cash robbery

Questioned about the day when he was said to have covertly filmed in the depot, and why he had spent time wandering about the area of the loading bay doors, he said he had been "killing time before his shift".

Mr Hysenaj is alleged to have been linked to the gang through fellow Albanian Jetmir Bucpapa, 26, of Tonbridge, who is also in the dock.

Car salesman Stuart Royle, 48, of Maidstone, Kent, and former business partner John Fowler, 58, of Staplehurst, Kent are also charged.

The accused also include roofer Lea Rusha, 35, of Southborough, Kent, and garage owner Roger Coutts, 30, of Welling, Kent.

Michelle Hogg, 32, admitted applying prosthetic masks to four men but denied knowing how they would be used.

Signwriter Keith Borer, 53, Maidstone, denies a charge of handling stolen money.

All except Mr Borer are charged with conspiracy to rob, conspiracy to kidnap Mr Dixon and his family and conspiracy to possess firearms.

The trial was adjourned until Monday.

Ermir Hysenaj protested his innocence to police

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