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Underage sex woman faces prison
Yvonne Renton
Yvonne Renton had denied having sex with boys aged 14 and 15
A Kent businesswoman found guilty of having underage sex with two teenage boys employed by her has been warned by a judge she faces a jail term.

Twice-married Yvonne Renton, 39, of Tufton Road, Gillingham, was convicted at Maidstone Crown Court of having sex with the pair, then aged 14 and 15.

The jury found her guilty of four counts of indecent assault and one count of intimidation.

Renton has been bailed until sentencing on 4 December.

She had denied the charges during the five-day trial.

Judge Jeremy Carey told Renton: "The jury... were impressed by the two victims of your depravity, for that is what it was."

You took advantage of two 14 and 15-year-old boys in circumstances of which you should be deeply ashamed
Judge Jeremy Carey

During the trial the court heard she paid the boys 10 a time to help her set up bouncy castles for her children's entertainment business, which she has since sold.

The first victim, who is now 19, had claimed they had had sex about three or four times a week.

However, when he tried to break off the relationship she had threatened to take an overdose, or said she was pregnant.

Jurors were told the boy suffered from psychiatric problems and had started to self-harm to release the anger he felt over the situation he was in.

'Ridiculous claims'

It was alleged Renton began a relationship with the 14-year-old boy when the mother of the older boy confronted her.

She had told him that he had made her pregnant and that she had an abortion, the jury heard.

Renton had described the claims as ridiculous and said nothing inappropriate had happened with either of the boys.

Judge Carey said: "You were a mature woman in a marriage state with children and you took advantage of two 14 and 15-year-old boys in circumstances of which you should be deeply ashamed."

Sentencing was adjourned to allow Renton, who has an 11-year-old daughter and a 19-year-old son, to make childcare arrangements. She is estranged from their father, her ex-husband.

Judge Carey added: "You should brace yourself for what will in all probability be a custodial sentence."


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