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McCririck named as bonfire effigy
Bonfire effigy of John McCririck
The finishing touches are being put to the bonfire effigy
Racing pundit John McCririck has been targeted by a Kent bonfire society in its annual search for a well-known person to go up in flames as an effigy.

A model of McCririck will be burnt by the Edenbridge group on 4 November.

He was singled out because of "a certain charisma" he displayed during his appearance on Channel 4's Celebrity Wife Swap programme.

McCririck said he felt it was a great honour to be chosen as this year's Edenbridge effigy.

Previous celebrities who went up in smoke have included Edwina Currie, with whom McCririck starred on Wife Swap.

His effigy will be clutching the ex-Conservative minister's head, as well as a frying pan bearing the words "Celebrity Wife Swat".

Reacting to his selection, he said: "I'd certainly drop Edwina's head as soon as the flames came licking around my feet, she'd go before me.

"I do hope however that something goes wrong and the fire goes out.

"I don't want to be burnt, I want to stay on the village green forever."

Terry Gledhill-Carr, chairman of the Edenbridge Bonfire Society, said of McCririck's appearance on the reality TV show: "He made quite a splash, his approach to life is a little different."

The village bonfire party takes place at the recreation ground in Lingfield Road, Edenbridge.

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