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Last Updated: Friday, 13 October 2006, 19:28 GMT 20:28 UK
Pupil banished over 'snack quota'
Ryan Stupples
Lunsford Primary School is operating a new packed lunch policy
A school has defended its decision to take a child out of the dining hall because his packed lunch was deemed to have broken healthy eating guidelines.

Ryan Stupples, 10, from Maidstone in Kent, ate his lunch "outside the hall with supervision" at Lunsford Primary School in Larkfield.

His father, Michael Stupples, said the school's actions were "disgraceful".

The school said the lunch had cheese biscuits, a cake and a fromage frais yoghurt - one more snack than allowed.

Head teacher Malcolm Goddard said he had reminded Ryan and Mr Stupples of how many snack foods were permitted.

'Positive feedback'

Mr Goddard said: "A lunch was brought in which was not in keeping with our new guidelines and the pupil was given the chance to have his dinner outside the hall with supervision."

The head teacher added that the new healthy eating policy had been discussed with parents after a trial period in September, and that there had been "positive feedback" and "improvement in class behaviour".

Ryan said he had felt upset and frightened and feared he was "going to be suspended".

Mr Stupples, who prepares his son's packed lunch, said: "It seems he's been singled out.

"I've not had any knowledge of any other kids who had their lunches checked in the classroom and were then hauled out of the dining hall.

"I fully agree with the healthy eating, they should have balanced diets, but my kids don't have fry-ups."

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