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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 September 2006, 18:19 GMT 19:19 UK
Criminals targeted in road check
Police checkpoint on the A229
The road check was on Bluebell Hill - one of the county's busiest roads
More than 40 police officers in Kent have been stopping hundreds of vehicles as part of the biggest road checkpoint campaign the county has seen.

It was set up on the A229 between Chatham and Maidstone to target drug dealers, criminals and benefit cheats.

The operation saw 27 vehicles seized for being dangerous, uninsured or untaxed. There were no arrests.

Ch Insp Ian Hall said it had involved agencies including the DVLA and Customs, and had been very significant.

"All the agencies involved considered it to be a success," he said.

Drug detection

The spot check targeted criminals who use Bluebell Hill - one of the county's busiest roads.

It was just one of a series of inspections being carried out at locations around the county over the next few months by police and other agencies.

Kent's Chief Constable Mike Fuller joined the operation on Thursday, which made use of the latest technology, including automatic number plate recognition.

Drug detection machines and dogs were also deployed in an attempt to disrupt the possession and supply of drugs.

Ch Insp Hall said: "Today's operation illustrates our determination to work proactively not only to make our roads safer but also to enforce our efforts to tackle drug-related crime.

"By bringing together enforcement agencies to tackle everything from serious crime to benefit fraud we're making the most of the opportunity to maximise the impact of this operation."


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