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Dungeness plans up for scrutiny
Dungeness A
Dungeness A will stop producing electricity in December
People are being given the chance to have their say over the future of a power station in Kent which has provided electricity for 40 years.

Dungeness A power station is to be decommissioned once it stops generating electricity at the end of 2006.

A series of drop in days will be held in the area next month to gauge public opinion about the site.

Proposals include using the land for housing or reverting it back to a nature reserve.

The decision to decommission the power station was announced in 2005, with the cost of the process estimated at around 1.2bn.

'Large employer'

It is expected that most of the radioactive material will be removed from the site by 2009.

All plants and buildings except for the reactor containment will be removed by 2021, with final site clearance scheduled for 2111.

Louisa Whenday, who chairs the steering group into the future of the site, said she believed many people would like another power station.

"It's only a talking point at the moment because the government have in fact not made up their mind about new builds.

"Dungeness would be one site that would be considered because it's a very large employer," she said.

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