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Indian woman 'deported from UK'
Man holding "Don't detain Hussaini Begum" placard
Hussaini Begum had lived in Dover for more than two years
Supporters of a failed asylum seeker who was pleading to be allowed to stay in Kent say she was put on a plane back to India on Saturday morning.

Hussaini Begum, 34, had been fighting her deportation from the UK for more than a year, but she was detained by immigration officials on Wednesday.

She was said to have been on board Air India flight 102, which was leaving for Mumbai and Chennai at about 1030 BST.

The Home Office said it could not comment on individual asylum cases.

A spokeswoman said they could not confirm Ms Begum's deportation, but that they would "look to remove anyone who did not have leave to remain".

Delia Hazrati
She will be in danger and will have to go into hiding
Supporter Delia Hazrati

Human rights activists at Heathrow Airport said Ms Begum had been taken on board the plane, while the Kent Campaign to Defend Asylum Seekers said her removal had been confirmed to them.

She had settled in Dover, Kent, saying she had been forced to flee her home country when she was raped and forced into an arranged marriage.

She was taken to an immigration removal centre on Thursday, following a year of failed appeals over her asylum claim.

Delia Hazrati, from the Hussaini Begum Must Stay campaign, said: "We're all devastated really [and] from what she told me, she will be in danger and will have to go into hiding."

Dover MP Gwyn Prosser said he felt Ms Begum's case was "exceptional and compelling" but he had been told by the Home Office that nothing more could be done to delay her removal.

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