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Last Updated: Tuesday, 30 May 2006, 09:09 GMT 10:09 UK
Cut and paste artwork for charity
Painting of Folkestone town centre by Shane Record
A copy of the painting is being cut up into 100 pieces
Businesses are being encouraged to get creative and take part in a fundraising project for an art therapy charity in a Kent town.

A painting of the centre of Folkestone, by artist Shane Record, 31, has been cut into 100 pieces.

Each square is being sold for 40 with the buyer then asked to recreate a larger version of their section.

All 100 efforts will then be pieced back together with the proceeds going to the Church Street Project.

The charity offers creative therapy to needy children by counselling them through art and play.

Mr Record's new project, called The Bigger Picture, hopes to raise about 5,000.

'Different approaches'

He said: "Each individual or business that buys a square needs to copy it onto a supplied large piece of card, in any medium they like.

"They can do it out of shells, felt tips, felt or paint or anything.

"It will be very interesting to see the 100 different approaches to copying a square."

The 100 pieces - measuring 6ft by 4.5ft in total - will be laid out in Folkestone on 25 June with the finished product then being auctioned.

Vicky Regan from the Church Street Project said: "Children may not have the vocabulary to really describe what it is they're feeling, but through role play and art they can begin to unravel things for themselves."

She said The Bigger Picture would fund the project for another academic year.


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