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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 May 2006, 07:18 GMT 08:18 UK
Demo against live calves shipment
Veal calf being transported
Demonstrators have monitored the treatment of veal calves
Further protests against expected shipments of live calves and cull cattle through Dover have been held.

Kent Against Live Exports (Kale) held a demonstration overnight on Wednesday at the harbour entrance.

The group was at the Kent port as the first consignment of live veal calves left the UK in 10 years.

The British beef industry has said renewed exports to Europe could see a return to the 650m-a-year trade levels from before the BSE outbreak.

'Long haul' protest

A 10-year ban on cattle exports imposed in the wake of BSE was lifted this year.

In protests on 5 May, about 70 demonstrators from Compassion in World Farming and other groups were at the docks.

Campaigners said they were there for the "long haul" and wanted to "get it across there was no need for this trade".

A spokesman said animals that had never travelled and were only a couple of weeks old were being transported for hundreds of miles in noisy vehicles.

Protest against live calf exports
02 May 06 |  Scotland

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