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Proposal to ban 'For Sale' signs
"For Sale" signs could be banned from parts of north Kent under council proposals being discussed.

An experimental ban has been requested in an area of Herne Bay after councillors found many estate agents' boards are left in place for months.

Councillor Ron Flaherty wants the signs to be placed in windows.

But estate agents in Herne Bay said signs are an important sales tool and placing them in windows would not provide the best chance of selling.

"For empty properties that isn't a problem," said Nick Chambers, negotiator for Fosters Property Services in Herne Bay.

"But for properties that are lived in it would be a different issue and not all properties have windows that can be seen from the road."

I think it's ridiculous to stop boards - it's like saying you can't have any adverts in newspapers
Estate agent Nick Chambers

Mr Flaherty told BBC Radio Kent: "We're trying to promote the town as an area you visit for the day and you have a pleasant entry into the town and a pleasant walk along the seafront.

"When you're faced with dozens of boards daily for months and months it's not a pleasant experience."

He said estate agents were not particularly worried by the plans as the majority of their business took place over the internet.

But Mr Chambers argued: "Not everyone's got the internet - a large majority of people will buy from viewing a board. We attract a lot of out of town buyers.

'Not required'

"I think it's ridiculous to stop boards - it's like saying you can't have any adverts in newspapers."

Rose West, who owns Harvey Richards & West estate agents, said she supported a tidying-up approach providing it was in the interest of clients.

"A blanket approach to banning boards is not required," she added.

The proposals will be discussed at a meeting at Canterbury City Council on Thursday.

However the council said a decision will not be made at the meeting because a number of implications need to be considered including seeking advice about how the ban could be implemented legally.

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