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Last Updated: Monday, 20 March 2006, 07:42 GMT
Work to free town centre begins
Chatham ring road
Roadworks are set to help revitalise the Medway town
Work has begun on freeing Chatham from its "concrete collar" ring road in preparation for the demolition of a flyover this summer.

The council said the existing one-way road network would remain until junctions had been reconfigured.

A website has been set up to keep people informed of progress and to answer questions, a spokesman said.

It is part of a 20-year programme to improve town and river sites in Strood, Chatham, Rochester and Gillingham.

The project has been described as "one of the most challenging" in Medway Council's history.

The 2.5m first phase of the scheme is due to be finished by August.

The council has said that for 25 years Chatham's current road layout had restricted pedestrian movement, stifled trade and isolated the waterfront.


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