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20m cash recovered from robbery

Bags of the stolen money (from Kent Police)
Bundles and bags of cash were found in south-east London

Police investigating the UK's biggest robbery have said a "significant" cash haul found in a lock-up garage in Kent on Sunday amounted to 8.6m.

It brings the total recovered within two weeks of the 53m robbery at the Securitas depot in Tonbridge to 19.7m.

The largest single amount so far recovered was 9.6m found by officers in a number of bags at an industrial estate in Welling, south-east London.

Previously, 1.3m was found in Ashford and 200,000 was found at other sites.

The 8.6m was found in a garage in Southborough, near Tunbridge Wells, a few miles from where the raid took place.

The 9.6m was recovered in a joint operation between Kent Police and the Metropolitan Police on 2 March.

The cash found in Ashford was in the back of a white van discovered in the car park of the Ashford International Hotel two days after the robbery.

Forensic search being carried out at a garage in Southborough
Police searched a block of private garages in Southborough

Five people have been charged and remanded in custody in connection with the depot raid on 22 February.

Kent Police said on Monday a total of 17 people had been arrested.

Two have been released without charge and 10 others released on bail, including a man and a woman who had worked as agency staff for Securitas.

The robbers stole a total of 53,116,760 in the raid in Vale Road, Tonbridge.

The depot manager, Colin Dixon, and his wife and young son were kidnapped and tied up with 14 members of staff.

Assistant Chief Constable of Kent, Adrian Leppard, said on Tuesday the family were doing "very well".


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