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Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 May 2006, 05:35 GMT 06:35 UK
Drive to promote county's growers
An organisation which represents more than 500 food producers in Kent is campaigning for more businesses to join it so it can promote the trade.

Government-funded Produced in Kent was set up to get more people to buy the county's produce.

Chief executive Adam Ellis-Jones said: "If we don't act, the option of eating Kent produce may no longer exist."

The not-for-profit organisation is staging an event to demonstrate why local producers should sign up.

Mr Ellis-Jones will discuss how to safeguard the environment, seasonality and reinvesting in the community at the launch of the campaign at Hadlow, near Tonbridge, on Tuesday.

"We need everyone in Kent to understand that buying locally is doing your bit for the future of Kent," he added.

"With the support from Kent County Council, The South East England Development Agency and part-funding from the European Union, I truly believe that there is a wonderful future ahead for everyone connected with Produced in Kent."


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