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Robbery family's gunpoint terror

The Dixons' home in Herne Bay
Lynn and Craig Dixon were kidnapped from their home

The depot manager kidnapped in the Kent 50m raid has told of his "anger beyond belief" that his family were held at gunpoint and threatened with death.

Colin Dixon issued a statement read out by the police on Saturday.

Asking how anybody else would have felt, he said his family, which was all that was precious to him, had been placed "in unimaginable danger".

It came as police arrested two more people in Kent bringing the total to five. Three have been released on bail.

Mr Dixon said Tuesday night, when the family were abducted before the raid early on Wednesday, was "the worst night of my life".

How dare they do this to a little boy, to a family
Colin Dixon

He said: "More than that, it was the worst night in the lives of my wife, Lynn, and our son, Craig.

"The terror of what happened and the horror of what might have happened is with us in every waking moment.

"This horrific experience angers me beyond belief."

He said that he, his wife and son were "a normal, law-abiding family".

And the manager of the Securitas cash depot said: "No-one should have to suffer as we have done."

Colin and Lynn Dixon
The Dixons pictured on their wedding day

He said: "For the criminals to use me is bad enough.

"But to kidnap my wife and child and put guns against their heads and threaten them with death is something so frightening that words can not convey them today.

"How would you have felt - all that is precious to you, your family, placed in unimaginable danger, through no fault of their own, entirely because of someone else's greed?"

He said the armed robbery had not been about money, but had been about his family's survival.

Mr Dixon said he wanted to highlight the bravery of his wife and his son, who had his ninth birthday on Friday.

Several vehicles found

"He's still in deep shock about what happened. He will carry this for the rest of his life," he said.

"How dare they do this to a little boy, to a family."

The 51-year-old Herne Bay man reiterated appeals by police and asked people "to think if they can help the police catch the criminals who treated my family so menacingly".

About 100 police officers are working on the inquiry.

By Saturday, the force had released two computer-generated images of raiders, found several vehicles used in the crime, arrested five people, and begun forensically testing all the evidence found.

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