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Last Updated: Thursday, 16 February 2006, 20:05 GMT
Nurse was 'hit with frozen fish'
A disciplinary hearing has been told how a nurse allegedly hit a colleague with a frozen fish at a Kent hospital.

Patricia Jennings, 55, from Tunbridge Wells, is also accused of inappropriate sexual behaviour with fellow workers.

The incidents were said to have taken place at the Kent and Sussex Hospital in Tunbridge Wells in 2003.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council's professional conduct committee is hearing the case in London. Ms Jennings denies four counts of misconduct.

She has no legal representation at the hearing and is not attending because she is currently not in the country.

Ms Jennings faces being struck off the nursing register if found guilty.

Inappropriate questions

One nurse said she was slapped in the face with a frozen trout after a patient brought several of them into the hospital as a gift to staff.

Ms Jennings then said "give us a kiss" while moving the fish's mouth, the hearing was told.

She is also alleged to have behaved inappropriately with other female colleagues and one male nurse.

The sexual harassment was said to have included reaching inside their uniforms, asking questions about their private lives, and putting sweet wrappers down a nurse's top.

Jamie Foster, for the Nursing and Midwifery Council, said Ms Jennings also lied about her training record, misled staff about the availability of beds on Ward 8, and bound a clerk's head and mouth with bandages while he was on the phone.

The hearing is expected to finish on Friday.

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