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Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 July, 2005, 20:00 GMT 21:00 UK
Zoo is 'best' elephant breeder
Janu, the latest addition to the herd
Janu was born on 7 July and already weighs 14 stone
A wild animal park is celebrating its claim to have the best captive elephant breeding programme in Europe after the birth of a new calf.

Janu - an African elephant - is the second to be born at Howletts, near Canterbury, Kent in three months.

His cousin Jara was born in April and there are now 14 in the herd.

Head keeper Dave Magner said of Janu, who was born two weeks ago: "He's been charging around with his ears flapping from day one."

Janu's mum Swana was born at Howletts in 1985, while his father is 28-year-old bull Jums.

To have bred nine calves proves that they are content and that the captive breeding programme is working
Dave Magner, head keeper

At 36, his grandma Masa is one of the zoo's original elephants.

Nine calves have been born at Howletts in total.

Mr Magner said: "We have had incredible success here - a lot of it is thanks to the herd living in such a natural family group.

"Just about every age group is represented and all the members support each other.

"This is the best form of enrichment for them. To have bred nine calves proves that they are content and that the captive breeding programme is working."

Howletts is currently trying to raise 1m so that a new elephant house can be built for the herd as their present one has become too small for all of them.

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