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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 February 2006, 08:16 GMT
Asthma man's oxygen supply delay
Pat Burke
Mr Burke fears he will have to go to hospital if supply delays continue
A Kent man with heart problems and asthma is having trouble receiving his vital oxygen cylinders after a private company began supplying them.

Pat Burke, an ex-miner from Deal, has had an emergency bottle delivered but that is close to running out.

Allied Respiratory took over the supply contract on 1 February, but Mr Burke's wife has been unable to contact them.

The local NHS trust said supply delays were due to "unprecedented demands" placed on the company in the past week.

"We are aware of a short term problem which has arisen regarding the distribution of home oxygen to a gentleman in the Deal area," said a statement from East Kent Coastal Primary Care Trust.

Sole supplier

"We have worked with the GP concerned and the local chemist to find a solution.

"The oxygen suppliers have agreed to supply chemists as normal during this transitional period."

Allied Respiratory's website said it became the "sole supplier of home oxygen therapy services" for south London and the South East of England at the beginning of the month.

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