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Last Updated: Friday, 20 January 2006, 13:00 GMT
Asda to develop at Maidstone East

A significant new development is being planned for the Maidstone East railway station site by supermarket chain Asda.

The company has been chosen by Network Rail to help with the planned regeneration there.

Asda will launch a public consultation in Maidstone before submitting a planning application in mid-2006.

Its proposals include a revamped ticket hall, platforms and waiting areas at the train station, alongside a superstore creating 500 jobs.

Hotel planned

Maidstone East station would also get platform access lifts for disabled people and commuter parking space for more than 500 cars.

The Asda store would be 50-55,000 sq ft in size, with customer parking for 515 vehicles.

A new hotel would be built above part of the store.

The plans also include 100 new homes on the south side of the railway line, redesigned pedestrian links and road layouts, and a new public space in front of the train station and superstore.

If planning consent is granted, Asda hopes to begin work on the site in mid-2007.

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