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Shoes rule Adam out of GCSE exam
Adam Gervaux's banned trainers
Adam said he had worn his trainers since April with no problems
A schoolboy missed his English literature GCSE exam after being sent home to change out of trainers.

Adam Gervaux, from Strood in Kent, was asked to change into shoes minutes before the exam because he was breaking the school uniform dress code.

The 16-year-old said he had been wearing the black trainers to Temple School since April with no complaints.

The school said he was offered alternative shoes from lost property but he chose to go home instead.

Adam said he chose to return home because he did not want to wear someone else's shoes because of a medical problem with his feet.

'A trivial incident'

He said it took him 20 minutes to get home by which time he realised he would not be able to get back in time for the exam.

Adam said: "I still think that they were acceptable and that I should have been in the exam with them on.

"I have been wearing them and not one person has said anything to me about them, because they are so much like shoes."

Adam Gervaux and his banned trainers
The school told Adam he could borrow shoes from lost property

His mother Liz Gervaux said: "I couldn't believe that the school would turn children away from a GCSE exam.

"This was the first exam, why didn't they give him a warning and say you couldn't sit the next exam in them?"

The school, which is in Strood, issued a statement saying it had given Adam the chance to conform with rules and takes the exam.

In a statement, it said: "Adam was offered footwear from the school lost property or the chance to go home and return.

"He chose to leave the school and didn't return, missing the exam.

"The school wasn't aware that Adam had a problem getting the appropriate footwear."

An educational charity said the school had over-reacted.

Kemi Pearce, of the Advisory Centre for Education, said: "It sounds like it was a trivial incident and it's a shame that it led to an exclusion and him missing an exam.

"That should be used as a last resort."

Adam said he would wear shoes for the rest of his exams and would consider retaking his English literature GCSE at night school.

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