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Listed windmill stands tall again
The blown-over windmill at Chillenden
The windmill had only just been restored when it was hit by winds
A windmill blown down by strong winds in November 2003 has been lifted back into place on Wednesday.

The Grade II listed Chillenden Mill was rebuilt from its broken remains and taken back to its original site near the east coast of Kent.

A crane was used to put the re-assembled structure upright again.

John Williams, head of heritage at Kent County Council, said: "Chillenden Mill is an important landmark and it is wonderful to see it rising again."

The county council has owned the mill since 1958 and contributed to its restoration with Dover District Council.

It was originally built in 1868 and the rebuilding work has seen it strengthened to protect it from heavy winds.

Windmill blown over in storm
26 Nov 03 |  Kent

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