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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 December 2005, 12:20 GMT
Action promise on A228 death road
Scene of the crash
The man and his son, seven, who died on Saturday lived locally
Action to tackle dangerous sections of the A228 where there have been 12 deaths since 2003 has been promised.

Medway Council said it was "unlikely" the government would supply funds for a dual carriageway but action on "some of the bad bends" was possible.

It follows a crash on Saturday which killed a father and his son.

On Tuesday, the council said problems would be looked at with a view to putting measures in place "as soon as we can after Christmas".

Director of regeneration and development Robin Cooper told BBC Radio Kent: "It is highly unlikely we will get the money for the dual carriageway and so we have got to be realistic."

He said that Medway Council, the parish council and residents needed to look at what could be done in the short term.

He said traffic management measures needed to be proposed to make the road safer which could be crash barriers, vehicle-activated signs, or speed cameras.

The stretch between Fenn Corner and Stoke has claimed four lives in two years
Stoke bends are a series of bends with water-filled ditches either side, where three have died in five years
Safety measures for the third blackspot, Thamesport, are being considered at the moment
Source: Grain Parish Council

It had been hoped that seven miles of the A228 on the Isle of Grain would be made into a dual carriageway.

Grain parish councillor Michael Dale has said that improvements to blackspots with reduced speed limits in some places would go "part of the way" to stopping deaths.

But he also said that cars should be allowed to go faster on some stretches.

"It frustrates drivers when they have to keep to the 40mph limit and not go over double white lines," he said.

Saturday's crash, on the A228 in Stoke on the Hoo Peninsula, killed a 27-year-old man and his seven-year-old son.

A 25-year-old man arrested after the accident was remanded in custody until 23 December by Dartford magistrates on Tuesday.

He was charged with two offences of disqualified driving and two of driving with no insurance.

Police are continuing their investigations into the fatal collision.


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