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Last Updated: Tuesday, 6 December 2005, 12:19 GMT
Police stations take to streets
Michael Fuller
Michael Fuller said the units offered a more flexible approach
Mobile police stations have been launched across Kent to offer people "a new way of talking" to the force.

Kent Police has said the three specially designed vehicles will allow people to talk face to face and in confidence with their beat officers.

The vehicles are equipped to operate as a front counter facility and are adapted to provide easy access.

Chief constable Michael Fuller said it allowed "a more flexible and tangible approach to neighbourhood policing".

He said: "They will provide a new way of talking with as many people as possible in Kent, particularly in the more remote, rural areas of the county and in areas where people have difficulty accessing policing services."

Kent Police Authority said that how the units are received by those who used them would be the measure of their success.

The move is to assist in the delivery of Mr Fuller's vision of a fully accessible, neighbourhood police force.


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