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Last Updated: Thursday, 24 November 2005, 15:42 GMT
Landmark given radical face lift
Canterbury's Westgate
Canterbury's Westgate will be given a makeover for six weeks
One of Kent's most recognisable landmarks - Canterbury's Westgate - will disappear for six weeks as part of an innovative arts project.

The medieval gateway will be transformed by a large projection show onto its facade.

The show will generate an entirely new and constantly moving disguise to make the towers appear to be a folding piece of origami.

The work - entitled "Gatefold" - will be switched on Thursday evening.

Internationally acclaimed artists Anna Heinrich & Leon Palmer were chosen from a number of artists to design and install the projections.

Project manager John Brazier said: "Canterbury's ancient gateway is getting a real makeover that will transform it in the most incredible way."

The images projected onto the gate were designed to reflect its history, architecture, function and symbolism within the city.

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