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Last Updated: Monday, 21 March, 2005, 20:37 GMT
Art is the future for Folkestone
A piece of modern art in Folkestone
Artists are being encouraged to set up shop in Folkestone
Folkestone is trying to reinvent itself as a new artistic centre for Kent.

Derelict buildings are being improved and rented out to artists as community studios and creative spaces.

Saga founder Roger De Haan is putting money back into his home town by turning a school into an arts academy and running a university arts course.

A spokesman for the Kent Institute of Art & Design said Folkestone needed to attract "the most creative people in the country" in order to move forward.

Charlotte Harris is one artist who has benefited from Folkestone's creative vision.

"To get this space has been a real bonus for me. It's nice and big and it's got plenty of light which is just what I need," she said.

Beside the seaside
18 Mar 05 |  Breakfast

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