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'PC' Snow White writer hits back
Snow White adaptation author Doreen Moger
Doreen Moger said nobody had criticised the changes before
The writer who replaced Snow White's seven dwarfs with gnomes has denied she did it to be politically correct.

Doreen Moger said she changed the panto because of Disney's copyright, to put her own style on the play and to make the script more modern and lively.

The changes hit the headlines when the director for Kent drama group the Coxheath Players said she was surprised to find no dwarfs in the script.

But Mrs Moger, from Southampton, said nobody had complained before.

She wrote her adapted version of Snow White in 1997 and said since then many people had said they liked her changes but nobody had criticised them or asked why she had done it.

The original dwarfs work in a diamond mine, how many children today know what a diamond mine is?
Writer Doreen Moger

After the dwarf-gnome swap was highlighted by front-page coverage in the Sun newspaper, a spokesman for the publishing firm said the changes had been made so as not to offend.

But Mrs Moger told the BBC News website: "I don't do that.

"I was writing the pantomime and I wanted to make it a bit more modern and basically put my own imprint on it to make it a bit different from all the others."

She said she was warned she should not use any of the songs from the Disney film version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and so thought she would make other changes too.

The script from the play showing the new character Bossy
Grumpy becomes Bossy in Doreen Moger's Snow White script

"I thought there could be a bit of fun in this," Mrs Moger said.

"If you look at the pantomime market now, most of the scripts are very very old. I aimed to update it and make it a bit different.

"For example, the original dwarfs work in a diamond mine. How many children today know what a diamond mine is?

"So I thought everyone knows what a gnome is, so why not make them forest gnomes, who help the buds open and help the birds with their nests?"

Mrs Moger's final alteration was to change two characters' names - Doc becomes Basher and Grumpy becomes Bossy.

"I saw him as a sort of Captain Mainwaring from Dad's Army, so I turned him into Bossy, giving orders.

"It just gives the characters a better pantomime feel."

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