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Last Updated: Tuesday, 1 March, 2005, 17:59 GMT
Snow brings Operation Stack back
Snow in the Calais area caused a backlog of traffic on the A16
Heavy snow in north France has seen Kent Police bring in Operation Stack - the traffic control move which turns the M20 near Dover into a lorry park.

The snow near Calais has led to trucks being unable to reach the French port and vehicles above a certain size not being allowed onto ferries.

Kent Police said the backlog of traffic was enough for Operation Stack to be implemented on Tuesday afternoon.

The M20 was re-opened as normal at about 0300 GMT on Wednesday morning.

Diverted off motorway

In recent weeks Operation Stack has been implemented several times, including after damage to a berth at Calais limited the number of Channel crossings between the French port and Dover.

It sees the M20 closed coastbound between junctions 11 and 12.

When problems with ferry crossings cause a build-up of lorries waiting to board services at Dover, police direct lorries onto the motorway, close it to other traffic and keep the lorries parked there until they are able to board ferries.

The other traffic is diverted off the motorway to head for the port on alternative roads.

On Tuesday Kent Police said French colleagues had told them the A16 road between Dover and Boulogne was not open to trucks above 3.5 tonnes due to the snow.

At 1500 GMT Operation Stack was introduced to stop lorries heading across the Channel to France and adding to the backlog of traffic on the A16 between Calais and the Somme.


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