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Last Updated: Wednesday, 9 February, 2005, 20:42 GMT
Budget airline destinations axed
EUjet plane
The airline found poor demand for the axed flights
The budget airline operating out of Manston airport in Kent is axing flights to Madrid and Glasgow.

EUjet said the move followed poor demand for the two destinations.

The company, which began services from Kent International Airport last September, is also to postpone the launch of flights to Cologne.

Mike Helper, planning and products director for the airline, told BBC Radio Kent: "Most of our routes work - one or two don't."

He said: "Bearing in mind there have been no scheduled services out of Kent for more than 40 years, we put a plan together as the new carrier which we believed would work.

"This wasn't a tried and tested market."

Investment package

The airline has been given permission to start night flights from the airport this summer.

PlaneStation, owner of the airport and the budget airline, announced plans for night-time flights along with a 30m rescue package for its business last year.

The company lost over 6m during its first year in operation and the investment package was to safeguard the airport and airline for two years.

In its first year of operation, EUJet hoped for half a million passengers, but attracted 71,000 in the three months after leisure flights began.

PJ McGoldrick, managing director of the airline, has said the company expects to see 800,000 passengers flying out of the airport this year.


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