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Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 August 2005, 11:59 GMT 12:59 UK
Rescued puppy takes the biscuit
Puppies Ben and Toby with their mother Lucy
Ben and Toby escaped with their mother Lucy from a garden
Coastguards have helped rescue two puppies which climbed part of the way down a 150ft (46m) cliff in Kent.

Springer spaniels Ben and Toby became trapped 30ft (9m) down the cliff after escaping from a garden with their mother Lucy on Monday.

A hunt began when Lucy returned without her pups. Ben was rescued using climbing equipment on Tuesday evening.

Toby, who was hidden by gorse bushes, was tempted with a biscuit to make his own way up on Wednesday.

Dog owners have been advised to use leads near cliff tops and not to attempt to rescue animals which fall over the edge.

Georgia Grover, one of the people who helped search for the dogs, said: "We could hear them whimpering and crying all the time."

She said the coastguards had been "fantastic".

People who attempt to rescue dogs themselves are putting themselves in grave danger
Peter Legg, coastguard

Peter Legg, Coastguard senior watch manager at Dover, said it was important that people did not try to rescue dogs which fell over cliffs.

"People who attempt to rescue dogs themselves are putting themselves in grave danger.

"Severe injuries and worse have resulted from this scenario.

"For this reason, we are always very willing to assist when dogs do fall over cliffs," he said.

He said Ben and Toby had suffered dehydration and shock but were now safe and well.

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