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Last Updated: Monday, 8 November, 2004, 09:53 GMT
Eurostar halts party after crash
Eurostar train
Eurostar trains have been in service for 10 years
Eurostar has postponed its 10th anniversary celebrations out of respect for those who died in the Berkshire rail crash.

The company had been due to float a train down the Thames on a barge on Monday to mark the anniversary.

But a Eurostar spokesman said a party would be inappropriate following the deaths of seven people in the disaster.

The first Eurostar train made the journey under the Channel from Kent to France in 1994.

Since its launch, the service has been credited with rejuvenating Ashford's economy.

It is hoped that the same will happen to Ebbsfleet, a new station at Dartford which is also to become an integral part of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

Eurostar facts
Each day, Eurostar catering staff wash 38,000 glasses
The trains weigh 800 tonnes
In 10 years, over seven million sandwiches have been eaten on the trains
Since 1994, staff have served 840,000 bottles of French champagne on the trains

Eurostar began passenger operations in November 1994 as a joint venture between the three countries in which it operates.

By this month, a total of 59 million passengers will have used the service.

The company says the trains carry more passengers each month than all of the airlines combined that serve its two core routes of London to Paris and London to Brussels.

The train firm also says people using its service are making a positive contribution to the environment, by travelling by train instead of using planes, which produce carbon dioxide.

Each 400 metre train carries 750 passengers and the trains have appeared in television programmes including EastEnders, Top Gear, Absolutely Fabulous and Spooks.



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