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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 July, 2004, 18:50 GMT 19:50 UK
Outlines of dead painted on roads
Outline of corpse
White outlines of the bodies of road crash victims have been painted on pavements at accident black spots.

The outlines of the corpses are part of a council campaign to reduce the number of road deaths in Medway.

The safety reminders are accompanied by posters which say, "she knew the road was dangerous but did not look".

The campaign has been backed by Marion Cornick whose teenage daughter was killed two and a half years ago in a road accident in Medway.

Shock tactics

Ms Cornick believes shock tactics will get the message across.

She said: "Unless they see something really visual they do not take it on board.

"People think they are immortal and it is not going to happen to them but unfortunately the statistics show it does happen to them, it does happen to real people and to real families."

The painted outlines are part of Stop Accidents Forever (Safe) a year-long campaign founded after research showed the rate of KSI (Killed and Serious Injury) accidents in Medway was 50% higher than the national average for urban areas.

The largest number of pedestrians being killed and injured are people between the age between five and 15.

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