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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 June, 2004, 07:27 GMT 08:27 UK
Skull stretch surgery successful
Erin Fraser
Erin will have to undergo two similar operations in the years ahead
A two-year-old girl from Kent has undergone a life-saving operation to stretch her skull.

Erin Fraser, from Maidstone, has Crouzon's Syndrome where the bones in her head fused at birth.

Surgeons split her skull and fixed a metal head brace to stretch it, giving her brain room to grow.

She will have to undergo two similar operations before reaching adulthood but her parents said they are delighted the brace has for now been removed.

'Absolute miracle'

Amanda Fraser said: "It was wonderful it really was. It is the first time I have actually enjoyed taking her into theatre - taking her to be anaesthetised

"She was actually relaxed when being anesthetised so I do not know if she knew it was coming off.

"It has just been an absolute miracle how far they have managed to pull her face out.

"They have protected her eye-sight and given her brain more room to grow.

"But sadly, not due to the operation, they cannot think about taking her tracheotomy out."

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