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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 June, 2004, 20:32 GMT 21:32 UK
Schoolboy wears skirt to college
Ed Ellson
Ed says his school's uniform policy is sexist and outdated
A boy from East Sussex has worn a skirt to college because he thinks rules regarding school uniforms are sexist.

Ed Ellson, 15, a student at Ringmer Community College in Lewes, wore the skirt after receiving a letter about a uniform clampdown at his school.

He said the rules regarding clothing allowed for girls were outdated.

Concerned he would be a distraction, the school made Ed sit an exam on his own but his mother Alison said she was proud of her son for taking a stand.

Internet research

Ed said: "We received a letter from the school saying trousers or, for girls, skirts, and it made me think, why not boys, so I wore one. But then I was told it wasn't allowed."

Ed Ellson
Ed has collected more than 100 signatures in support of his actions

His mother, whose skirt he borrowed, said: "He did a lot of research on the internet and he has thought this through very well.

"All credit to the school that they have educated Ed in such a way that he is able to look at issues in such an intelligent way."

A spokesman for the school said Ed had been told that, rather than wear a skirt, he should take up the issue with the student council or school governors.

It also made him sit an exam in isolation to prevent him from distracting other students.

Ed, who has collected more than 100 signatures in support of his actions, said he intends to continue wearing a skirt.

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