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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 May, 2004, 11:57 GMT 12:57 UK
Fluffy cat keeps postmen at bay
Bat the cat
Bat the cat has been known to jump on the postman's leg
A fluffy ginger cat has taken such a dislike to post coming through the door that one postman is refusing to go anywhere near the cat's home in Kent.

Previously post has been delivered to the Coyne family through the cat flap, because there is no letter box.

But Bat the cat has been waiting on the other side, batting down the cat flap and shredding the postman's hand.

However, a new post box by the front gate of the house in Cranbrook will soon end his reign of terror.

The Coyne family realised they had a problem with their territorial pet when an official letter from the Royal Mail arrived complaining about their "guard cat".

It said the postman had been scratched and "more incredible than this, your cat has been known to jump onto the postman's leg and dig its claws in".

A statement issued by the company said: "The safety of our people is paramount and attacks by animals are not amusing when you're at the receiving end."

The family are hoping that the location of a new post box will mean postal services will resume soon.

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