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Last Updated: Friday, 19 March, 2004, 16:10 GMT
Businessman offers to buy toilets
A businessman has offered to prevent the closure of public toilets across Shepway by buying them.

The district council wants to close all its public conveniences in order to keep council tax rises to a minimum.

It says 26 toilets could be closed across towns including Folkestone, Hythe, New Romney and Dymchurch.

John Playford has offered to buy six toilets in Dymchurch "in the public interest", but said he would not be making any money from them.

He said tourism was vital to the area, and he was hoping the council would take a serious look at the implications of closing them all down.

"I don't want the residents to think because I've made an offer to maybe keep some of these toilets open that that will be an excuse for Shepway to say we can forget about it now," he said.

"If they close them, I have to have the hatchet ready to open them."

Other local businesses, including Eurotunnel, have also offered Mr Playford financial help to keep the toilets open.


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