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Last Updated: Monday, 1 March, 2004, 08:21 GMT
Apology for phantom parking fines
A car park company which sent a mother-of-four phantom parking fines has apologised for the errors.

Teresa Nowers, from Kemsing, Kent, was sent letters demanding money for about 20 parking fines which were issued all over England and even in Wales.

The demands, sent by Central Parking System, started after Mrs Nowers was correctly issued a ticket for parking illegally in the summer.

The company has now apologised and is offering Mrs Nowers compensation.

This was totally unacceptable and we would like to apologise to Mrs Nowers.
Central Parking System

But she said the situation had left her feeling unsettled.

"It's worrying that companies like this can just randomly throw letters out, especially debt collectors' letters," Mrs Nowers said.

She said she had also received a solicitor's letter demanding money for what in effect was a false document.

Central Parking System, which runs 83 car parks for South Eastern Trains, said the problem was caused by a data processing error with its debt collecting agency, Roxborough.

In a statement, the company said after investigating the case, it had been told the error had been fixed and would not happen again.

"This was totally unacceptable and we would like to apologise to Mrs Nowers.

"We will provide a refund for her phone calls and will also offer appropriate compensation.

"Roxborough will also send official correspondence confirming cancellation and we have written to apologise," it said.


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