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Riddle of mystery tree planter
Ash sapling planted in The Gill, Pembury
An ash sapling was planted in each garden in the street
Residents in a street in Tunbridge Wells woke up to a riddle when they discovered a single ash tree sapling had been planted in each of their gardens.

A mystery gardener went from house to house in The Gill in Pembury in wind and rain in the early hours of Sunday leaving one sapling in each of about 100 gardens.

Householders said they were mystified as to who could be responsible.

The trees appeared to be properly-rooted and nursery-grown saplings - and seemed to have been planted with care.

Maybe the little people have come
Resident Muriel Smith

Resident Muriel Smith said: "I think it's funny - well, not funny as such but very strange.

"Maybe the little people have come."

The person responsible left a few muddy footprints but no other clue.

Some people in the street said they were annoyed by the prank rather than pleased by the gift of a tree.

Resident Arthur Russell said: "Some were a bit upset about the thing.

"Others said it didn't really matter but they don't really want trees - especially ash because they grow quite large."

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