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Last Updated: Monday, 29 December, 2003, 21:01 GMT
Ex-sheriff criticises law over burglaries
Mr Robin Baker White
Mr Robin Baker White said he regretted using the gun
A former high sheriff of Kent, who has been burgled three times, has criticised the law for not protecting homeowners.

Robin Baker White's family have lived at the house in Street End near Canterbury for 150 years but since 1999 the property has been broken into three times.

During one of the raids, Mr Baker White used his shotgun to fire a warning shot in the air to scare of the burglars - and as a result the police confiscated the weapon.

He said: "They were up here pretty quickly with flak jackets and dogs because I think they thought I had shot someone.

Why should I be driven out by some thugs
Robin Baker White
"Of course I had not shot anyone at all.

"They took away my gun straight away and then a couple of days later they came back for my certificate.

"I think it is something that has got to be sorted out.

"The police cannot have it both ways - they cannot tell us that we are not allowed to defend ourselves in our own homes and then are unable to give us security."

The gun and certificate were returned three months later, but in another burglary the 71-year-old was attacked.

He said he felt he could not use the gun again when the burglars forced their way in.

Now his daughter has tried to persuade him to move out of the house.

But he said: "This is our home. This house has been my family home since 1860.

"Why should I be driven out by some thugs."

In a statement Kent Police said: "I would like to reassure him the offences have been fully investigated and there are still investigations ongoing."

Mr Baker White said he now regretted using the gun.

He said he is due to meet a chief superintendent from Kent Police in the near future.

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