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Vanessa Mae's stalker escapes jail
Vanessa Mae
David Martin kept a diary of Vanessa Mae's movements
An obsessed fan who harassed violinist Vanessa Mae with a stream of letters and gifts has escaped a prison sentence.

David Martin, 56, bombarded the musician with about four letters a month for two years.

He also kept a diary of her movements, West London Magistrates' Court heard, and tried to speak to her on several occasions.

The judge, who described him as "disturbed", said he was never to contact Miss Mae again.

Martin, previously of Western Road, Brighton but now living in a caravan in Worthing, West Sussex, was arrested on October 17 after he was spotted by Miss Mae's boyfriend as he tried to deliver a letter.

Miss Mae finds the contents distressing, it shows he is clearly obsessed with her
Caroline Hughes, prosecuting

Police found a lock knife on him, although there was no suggestion either his letters or behaviour had been threatening, the court heard.

The unmarried man, who tried to present many of his letters and gifts by hand, had been warned about his behaviour before.

Caroline Hughes, prosecuting, said: "Mr Martin has written to Vanessa Mae, the violinist, approximately four letters a month.

"Miss Mae finds the contents distressing, it shows he is clearly obsessed with her, though they have never been threatening."

Contact with reality

District judge Simon Cooper said: "Clearly he (Martin) is a man disturbed to the degree that he loses contact with reality."

Martin, a hospital maintenance worker, had pleaded guilty to one charge of harassment at an earlier hearing.

The judge decided he should be released, having served five months in remand while he waited to be sentenced.

Martin faced a maximum six-month sentence in jail for the offence.

The judge made Martin the subject of a 12-month community rehabilitation order and imposed an indefinite restraining order to prevent him from contacting Miss Mae.

He was also banned contacting her fan club, attending her concerts or going near her home.

Vanessa Mae 'scared' by stalker
05 Dec 03  |  Southern Counties

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